Upcoming Exhibitions

Denise Mathot

Denise Mathot

Expressing Abstraction
Paintings by Students of Lisa Mishler 

February 6 – 29
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 6, 6–9 pm

Paintings in acrylic by students studying abstract
painting with TDS teaching artist Lisa Mishler.

The Drawing Studio’s Annual Gala 2016

at The Whistle Stop Depot, 127 W 5th St, Tucson, AZ 85705

Saturday, February 27th, 6 – 9 pm

Leslie Hawes

Leslie Hawes

The Colored Pencil Way
Works in colored pencil by Leslie Hawes

March 5 – April 3
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 5, 6–9 pm
Free Colored Pencil Demonstration: Saturday, March 12, 1–4 pm

“This exhibit showcases the range of subjects that I have chosen, and the techniques that I have developed, during the 35 years that I have worked exclusively with colored pencil.” From whimsical, imaginary, fantasy creatures and landscapes to present day people and locations found using Google Maps, this display invites viewers to join Leslie’s journey along ‘The Colored Pencil Way’. In addition to the free demo, Leslie is offering a workshop and class.

Frederick Sanchez

Frederick Sanchez

Art Undressed
A Celebration of the Human Form

April 9 – May 7
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 16, 6–9 pm

Figurative and portrait works in a range of media
by artists of The Drawing Studio

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About our Gallery

Exhibition is a direct communication between the artist and the viewer. Exhibiting work completes the cycle of creativity. Showing artwork provides opportunities for those who have mastered their craft as well as those who are learning a new medium. It can also illustrate the journey of those pursuing an idea or the mastery of a medium. Visitors to the gallery can see the outcomes of coursework and study as well as the ideas and work that stem from a continued studio practice.

Some exhibits remain in our repertoire each year—Small Wonders, The Gala and the Associates show (which change themes each year). Additionally, the exhibit council comes up with various themed shows each year. Most of our shows are open to community participation. We also jury proposals from artists in the Tucson community to keep up with art that is current, so we can present new artists and visions to our audience.

If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering for specific events or exhibitions, contact the TDS Exhibition Coordinator at exhibits@thedrawingstudio.org